Bad quality homes

We know that the majority of houses in the rented sector, whether social or private rented, are rented by good landlords who care about their tenants and their home. However, there are many examples of shocking conditions in rented homes, some of which have caused or worsened people’s health and some of which are downright dangerous.

Our recent research on the housing emergency showed that over 1 in 10 people in Wales (around 400,000 people) are living in properties that are not structurally sound or have hazards such as faulty wiring or fire risks. Disrepair is serious and means that for many people, home isn’t a safe and secure place. We believe that home is everything – and without it, we cannot lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

If you, or someone you know if affected by poor quality housing, then we offer free, independent and expert advice online or over the phone. If, like us, you’re keen to see bad housing relegated to the past, then join our Fight For Home now!