Free course: Register for Holding back homelessness: Responding to the triggers

Holding back homelessness: Responding to the triggers

Homelessness is complicated and does not occur in isolation but fighting homelessness can be as simple as making just one referral. It’s no secret that external factors drive inequality in finances, education, work and health and these inequalities can create a buildup of pressures that lead to a person losing their home. This training is designed to help you to identify the triggers and pressure points that could lead to homelessness. 
Through the lens of lived experience this course will bust the myths around the causes of homelessness, present an honest picture of the real-life situations where a small intervention could have made a huge difference and give you the confidence and knowledge to recognise and react to the early signs that a person might be in a struggle that could eventually lead into homelessness. 

This course will include:
•    An exploration of the common myths of homelessness
•    Case studies 
•    Pressure points and triggers for homelessness
•    Signs to look for in certain situations and contexts
•    Stories from people with lived experience of homelessness
•    My Home Denbighshire and what we can do
•    Further training opportunities

This course is for:
Frontline workers who come into contact with people on a daily basis, including (but not limited to): Teachers, GPs, health visitors, support workers, DWP job coaches, volunteer agencies, social services, youth workers, community leaders, police.

Length: Half day