Social homes

Social homes have affordable rents and are fitted out to high-quality Welsh housing standards. They provide people with affordable and secure homes for life.

Social housing provides long-term homes that enable people to settle. Whatever your situation in life, whether you’re a key worker, an older person, a young family, or a person living alone – social housing can provide stability and help you to put down roots.

Currently Wales is facing a housing emergency. This means that the cost of renting privately or buying a house has increased to the point that many people are paying large proportions of their income on housing costs.

This means that in every council area in Wales, there are long lists of people who have applied for social housing and are waiting for a home to become available.

Shelter Cymru has long campaigned for more social homes and were delighted to see the Welsh Government commit to building 20,000 new social homes by 2026, with each of the major political parties making similar commitments too.

If you want to help us keep the pressure on Welsh Government and fight for the social homes that we desperately need, join the fight for home today.