Join the fight against discrimination


Over 75,000 people across Wales reported discrimination when trying to find their current home even though it’s unlawful to discriminate against anyone looking to rent in Wales.   

More than one in three landlords do not - or would prefer not - to let to people who are entitled to benefits. 

Sian’s story

Sian was discriminated against when trying to find a home for her and Iolo, her four month old baby. Sian said:

'It was nine months of hell.  The stress and the sense of injustice was overwhelming at times. All I wanted was a secure home for myself and Iolo who had health issues due to the fact that he was born prematurely. I’m a working single mother who wants to provide a good home for my son to be able to thrive in, but the discrimination against people like myself who are in receipt of benefits is so unfair. '

Things don’t have to be this way. Sign our pledge and say no one should be denied the right to a safe home because of discrimination. 

We know that it is a devastating experience to have found a place to call home, only to be turned down from renting or even viewing that home because of your gender, sexuality, ethnicity or disability. 

Add your name to our pledge as we make 2022 a year where we fight against discrimination in Wales. It’s time to put an end to this unlawful practice.

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