Share your experience of housing discrimination

Help us stamp out discrimination in the rented sector, for good.

Nobody should be denied the right to a safe home because of discrimination. Yet in our recent research, over 75,000 people in Wales reported discrimination when trying to find their current home. This is despite it being unlawful to discriminate against anyone looking to rent in Wales.

If you have been discriminated against, then you can report your experience to us and we will pass this on to Rent Smart Wales, who will take action against offending landlords and agents.

People in Wales can be discriminated against in a number of ways, such as:

  • Properties being advertised as 'no DSS', 'no benefits' or 'working professionals only';
  • Being turned down from viewing or renting a property because of your gender, sexuality, ethnicity or because you have a disability.

If you think you have been discriminated against, we want to hear from you. And if you have seen any adverts or heard of any practices that discriminate, even if they haven’t affected you personally, let us know.

Fill out this short form and tell us about your experience, you can do this confidentially if you prefer. It is vital that we find out about as many cases of discrimination in rented housing as possible, so that we can report these to the relevant authorities and action can be taken. Rent Smart Wales say they will take some action in every case, including giving written warnings and requiring landlords and agents to take non-discrimination training. 

Together, we can end discrimination in housing in Wales.

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